2003 to 2006
The Stallarholmens Vikingars rune stone
Runic inscription:
"Stallarholmen Vikings erect this stone as a link between the past and the future"

Stallarholmen Vikings, a compound on the Stallarholmen island in Strängnäs municipality.

In 2003 the association had its first Viking festival, a large and orderlyevents which attracted many visitors. The same year I started the work on the rune stone. I chopped, showed and talked during the festival but to completed in a reasonable time, I also work between the festivals then the rune stone had been moved to Odensicke farm, near festival.

During the festival in 2006 the completed rune stone was raised with speech, ceremony and unveiling on Östa beach, Stallarholmen.

The rune stone story
The rune stone substance was already found in the 1970s in the field of Årby farm near by. It was thought at first that it was an old rune stone but when the stone was lifted up, there was nothing on it. Because it looked like a rune stone they took it home anyway and let raised up at the farm. When the Viking Association was looking for a suitable topic Årby farm donated the the stone. Later the stone was transported to the festival area. Now it would finally become a real rune stone with both ornamentation and the runes.
Viking festival
The ornamentation painted on the old surface.
The rune inscription had to wait.
Stallarholmens first Viking festival and the work begins.
A well-organized market with fine goods .. and many visitors and vikings with boats
Viking festival
I continue to work on the next festival 2004 Many visitors though there was bad weather
A small painting with the ornamentation showed what we want to create. Work on a Viking festival is not easy, but many good conversations became instead Visitors and craftsmen.
Viking festival
Finally, the runes were painted up one day before the festival started in 2005.
then it became Viking welcome feast Wild boar, fruit, bread etc. Food and drink in quantities!
The day after, Sten Sture Skaldeman offers ancient healthy bread. My work is documented from all angles, and durable enough to stand on. Mr and Mrs Rune stone carver at work.
Many want to see the stone finished.
The stone has been moved to Odensicke farm
On Odensicke farm I worked more effective, the goal was to be completed during the festival. Well carved stab tracks can take its time on the rune stone to keep in 1000 years My version of the triskele have double lines. It get tight between the stab tracks. The end of the dragon tail should have smooth circular shape.
1 July
The stone is raised and painted
Morning the first day of the festival, erecting the rune stone. It's heavy, but we get some help.
To paint a rune stone takes time My daughter Sol inspects Every detail must be perfect
2 July
Unveiling, speeches and ceremony
It's almost time!
Torgny Jonsson, Mayor of Strängnäs municipality preparing speeches and the unveiling.
Long speech.. sound of horns.. and the carvers story...
ceremony to gods and powers.. for protection and conservation.
and now it stands there for long time, maybe a couple of thousand years.. or more.

"Stallarholmen Vikings erect this stone as a link between the past and the future"


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