Reconstruction of a lost rune stone

Runic inscription:
(After Rhezelius note in 1635)

Orme and Holmvid and Holmfast let
raise the stone to Brodd, their good father.


Recreating the lost rune stone was an exciting project, a detective work that took me crisscrossing among rune carvers and researchers under 1000 years.

1635 the rune stone was documented by John H. Rhezelius. In that time the stone was lay next to the river. About ten years later, the rune stone was missing (probably broken). In a nearby house wall a piece was found but later that also disappeared.

2003 Lars Conon took the initiative to re-create the rune stone and received voluntary support from Roslagens ancient relics and Local History Society and the Association Seven hundred Trail.

2004, on June 6 at Sweden's National Day was inaugurated the new rune stone on its original site, next to the river in central Norrtälje.


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