HSB Haninge

Runic inscription:
  Boende från många kulturer i Brf runstenen lät resa sten till minne av fyrtio goda år. Må fortsatt trevnad råda o fred på jorden. Kalle rista.

  Residents from many cultures in Brf runestone let raise the stone in memory of forty good years. May the continued well-being prevail o Peace on Earth. Kalle carve.

Apart from the dragon with the inscription in it's body is also one of Haninge's rune stones typical capercaillie. "Haninge = Hanveden = Rooster forest. The capercaillie rooster stands on a key, a symbol of house, home and confidence which here is BRF Runestone.

Outside ornamentation near the ground is a hedgehog, name Runa, she's there for the sake of the children with the hope that they will grow up and appreciate the runestone and little Runa.


HSB builds operative apartments near the center of Haninge. A large stone in the area could not be moved so they built a park with walkways there instead. When the area's housing association was formed it was called Brf Runestone.

The association's president Anita Callander visit Tyresta (a farm adjacent to Åva Tyresta National Park), where she found me, Kalle the rune carver. (At the time I had my place of work there).

My runestone workshop in Tyresta, Haninge 1996

When Anita saw that I carve rune stones an idea was awakened ... because their housing association named "Brf Runstenen" then should not they have their own runestone?! Time passed, but the idea was still there ....

Planning for the association's 40 year celebration had taken off and then came also the proposal for an own runestone up. Anita and caretaker Thomas Jacobsson found me on Adelsö, and an order was carried out.

The rune stone was carved on Adelsö and erected in Haninge August.

.. and here is the story of the work ...

In spring 2002, the big stone is lifted up and transported to Adelsö.
After a difficult winter for me and an earlier opening ceremony it was decided to move the stone to Adelsö.

The future rune stone reviewed.

April 2002
Haninge Åkeri arrange transportation.

Arrival at Adelsö.

9000 kg rune stone is put in place.

The work can start

a problem ... the stone is too high!

then my friend Frejan builds a ramp

Visit 1
HSB arrange a day trip
July 2
The group comes to Hovgården by chartered bus and I guide them through the world heritage. Of course we looked extra on rune stone U 11 After we went to their own rune stone. The group received a review of the work and also try out to carve. Together we cut the end of the dragon's tail.

Visit 2
Vi are visit Birka
July 28

Visit 3
We visit both Hovgården and Birka.
August 15
At Birka we saw the cheerful theater of Sigurd Fafnersbane by the group Kompani bastard. Adelsö, the rune stone was examined carefully and Kurt Jansson learn to carve rune stone.

20th of August
All the ornamentation and the runes are carved.

The rune stone get several colors.
Only a few days left to the opening.
A small hedgehog carved at the bottom.
At the opening ceremony, she was named Runa.
Both the dragon and hedgehog guarding the runestone.

August 30
The rune stone comes home!

from Adelsö
Mats from Haninge Åkeri pick runestone back.

to Haninge
Carefully we raising the runestone up.

August 31
Uncapping, inauguration and 40-year anniversary
Speech before the decovering to residents, curious and friends.
..later, the rune stone consecrated with the finest mead ..
  The rune stone has its own sign Initiator Anita Callander was honored
by me, Ellinor and everyone else.

14 years later (2016) I make a return visit.
Autumn 2016 - The rune stone stands untouched by time in the park.
The colors surprise, after 14 years in all weathers, summer and winter, they should be in a worse condition, but they still look pretty good, although the luster has slowed down a bit.

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