Carlsund's rune stone

Runic inscription:

  Lotta and Joachim and Therese and Richard, all Carlsund, let raised stone and build house on own land. Kalle carved

  Lotta o Joachim o Therese o Richard, alla Carlsund, lät resa sten o bygga hus på egen mark. Kalle rista

First contact was in 2001 when Joachim found a suitable rune stone in his own forest. The stone was transported to Adelsö and the work started early in spring 2002.

The family had two wishes, a sun cross of the same type as on the Vinland runestone and a Icelandic horse that "tölt" because thay like horses in general and have a stable with riding activities: Stadsberga Västergård.

During the work I received two media visits.
First, Bo Landin came to record a scene with several rune carver for his film: Örnens vingar, English: Viking Voyages: The Dragons Wings.

The next visit was from the National Heritage Board that filmed Viking Age crafts, in my case rune carving.

Icelandic horse in tölt Bo Landin Three rune carver, one rune stone.

Joachim with wife visiting and helping. Finished!
Leaves Adelsö
Evert tries to lift and raised the rune stone ...
Yes, it stands well there! .. and remains there.

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