Sacrifice stones

Runic inscription:
Every feast I want to be
fed, to Árs and frithar

Árs and frithar is old nordic words that means: well-being and peace or prosperity and peace

I found the stone already in 1994
For three years it was in my collection without telling me how it would be used.

In 1997 when I was to participate as a rune carver at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm, then I suddenly understood how the stone wanted to be carved.


Vart gille jag gödas skall
till ars och frithar.

The rune stone is now in my rune stone workshop and rune stone park on southern Adelsö.

It became a sacrificial stone with pictures showing a successful feast with people, food, animals, dance and music.
The pictures were carved in simple relief, as on Gotland's picture stones.

Around the belly there is the runic inscription in alliteration (verse), where the stone in its own words desires attention and participation in the feast.
In exchange for the gift, it perhaps give prosperity and peace back.

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