Satisfied gods

Runic inscription:
  Old gods will be happy when people tempt ancient belief to wisely show the way forward again.

  Gamla gudar glädjas när folk frestar forna tron att vist visa vägen fram igen.

My own rune stone.

This rune stone is used for show rune carving, therefore it is still not completely finished in 2019.

The ornamentation consists of a dragon and two snakes that closely interweave their bodies, always every other time over and under.

The run inscription encourages reflection and is written in alliteration. Some runes are tie rune, two runes that share the same main rod.


The Archeology day in Huddinge 1996. The ornamentation is unpainted, just carving edges. Tyresta by 1997
Ornamentation in place.
Älvsjömässan 2000
Ekerö Tourism/Ekerö municipality
2013 - Viking Art: A Culture Show Special - BBC documentary on Viking Age art and ornamentation with Andrew Graham-Dixon. The Swedish King and Queen visit me in Hovgården on Adelsö in 2014 to see and hear about rune carving.
Photographer: Britt-Marie Morell

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