Kent's rune stone

Runic inscription:
The artist Kent raised the stone,
Kalle carved

In the spring of 1996, Kent Nilsson, an artist at Adelsö decided to acquire his own rune stone. The time passed but at the end of the summer of the same year, the rune stone could be raised on his plot at Adelsö.

(This happened before I moved there myself).

It was on this rune stone that my ornamentation seems to have found its artistic shape. Body, tail and headbands got good balance and details like head and foot got a sense of agility that I then worked on.

Satisfied with the result, I wanted to carve more runestones.

Today, Kent has moved from Adelsö and he took the rune stone with him. Since 2010, they are both located at Kungshatt, one of Lake Mälaren and Ekerö's other islands.


Raised on Adelsö. View of the plot on Adelsö. Before painting.

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