Håtuna holm

Runic inscription:
Håkan on Håtuna 50 years, many things he did.Friends raised the stone. Kalle carved

The brothers Kåre and Håkan live on the farm Håtuna Holm in Bro municipality a few miles north of Stockholm. Håkan, the older brother, would soon be 50 years old. Kåre, the younger had come on a good gift ...

Håkan had previously found a large nice stone in the field that he took home and raised on the farm. Now that Håkan was about to age 50, Kåre took the stone, covered it over and carried it secretly to me to have it carved to a real rune stone.

My work started on a cold February
The stone was hard, really "rock hard" so it sounded loud when I carved. But I was not worried, I had plenty of time.

Call the police!
Suddenly, the younger brother Kåre contacts me and says:

- My brother has discovered that the stone is gone and he became so furious that he went to the police and reported it stolen.

Now the rune stone must be completed as soon as possible and transported back early. I carve and carve froze and carve.

In the end, the rune stone was completed and Håkan got his stone back as a real rune stone. Now it is raised on the farm again with a sign with information in front.
... and the police report was written off.

Only painting remains!
When there is little time, good friends are needed,
Roger and Mathias came over.
Now all ornamentation is painted

Finally, the rune stone was again raised at Håtuna Holm

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