Viking 95

Scouts carve this stone during
the viking ninety-five.
Kalle painted

In the summer of 1995
, a thousand scouts from all over the world gathered in Sotinge, Haninge municipality. It would be sailing, rowing, cooking, building things and carve a runeslab as a memory of the event.

Some time before the start, a couple of the leaders came and learned carving techniques. I painted the ornamentation that would be carved. The ornamentation was crowned Capercaillie.

When the scout camp took off, the leaders began to carve, when they got tired they learned the technique to others and no less than 800 children (who were always ready) were with and completed the runeslab.


Twice until 2015, the runeslab has "rediscovered". The slab quickly grows up of mosses, lichen and leaves. A sign would be needed on the spot. The runic inscription is carved in modern Swedish so there is no risk that it will be mixed up with old runestones and rune slabs or judged as fake, this is a genuine runeslab from 1995.

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