The Blue rune stone

No inscription

Spring 1995

I'm starting to carve a small and thin rune stone suitable to transport between events. As the stone was not any order I figured it was time to experiment with colors.

The dragon's body was painted with blue and the knot in gold. The eye was painted with roasted iron oxide.

but then someone stole it ...
A rune stone has a long life, more then 1000 years. I'm sure it comes back.

Mamma Helena, friend Sigge, me and my daughter Sol.
Foto: Fridell for SAS flypaper "Upp & ner" autumn 1996
What if it suddenly standing at my site on Adelsö one morning when I wake up or it is a note in my mailbox that tells where to find it.

I'd love to get it back.

Height and width: 70 x 50 cm.
Thin and weighs 50-70 kg.
Marcus apprentice with the
rune stone in the background
Top photo: The stone to the left.
Under: The golden knot.
Time to come home now?

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