Edshult manor/säteri

Inscription 1: (front)

  Mottag allt, prisge allt, förnya allt.
Bo reste, Kalle rista.

  Receive all, abandon everything, refresh everything. Bo raised, Kalle cut.

Inscription: 2: (back)

  Jag vet att jag hängde i vindomsusat träd,
i nio nätters tid, sårad med uddstav,
åt Oden given, själv åt mig själv.

  I know that I hung in windy tree,
nine nights' time, wounded by spears,
given to Odin, myself to myself.



runic inscription is a mystery to me.
I did my job and cut the customer's wishes.

Back is also the customer's wishes and is part of
the Hávamál, verse 138, written down in the 1200s.


South of the main building near an old oak. Edshult manor/säteri Me and the rune stone

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