Viking Line

Mäktiga skepp ännu far i österled. 
Viking Line reste
. Kalle högg.

Mighty ship still travels in the east trail.
Viking line let raise, Kalle cut.

Inscription refers to the modern and the Viking route across the Baltic Sea.

The rune stone in the Viking Line terminal.
Stadsgården, Stockholm.
The "Sharp Runes" reveals that I have
more to learn as a rune carver.

Ongoing work on sketched stone.
Foto: Pekka Pääkkö
A happy and beardless rune carver.
Foto: Claes-Göran Flinck
My first signature carved on the edge.
New location, along the glass wall.
A sequel to the rune stone in 1997

The staff at Viking Line surprise their colleague Jarl with a small rune stone with a Viking ship on.

(now the runes have rounded bi-stave).

Runic inscription:
Tack jarl Håkan viking / Thanks Jarl Håkan viking

The runes in the vikingship:
INGLI = short for Viking Line, their logotype.


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